How it works


Our pre-orders happen every Sunday at 12:00PM.  Ordering is live until 10:00PM Monday night or until we're sold out. Our menu changes weekly and we offer 8 different cookies per week. All orders will be placed directly on this website when ordering is live. 

When our menu is live you will see the available cookies for purchase in the "Current Menu" section on top of the home page. You can order individual cookies, but the total number of cookies in your cart needs to be in multiples of 12 (12, 24, 36, etc.) to checkout. Otherwise you will not be able to checkout.  Ordering a variety of cookies is highly encouraged!

We bake throughout the week. Shipping orders go out on Thursdays. For pickup orders you will receive an email midday Friday with instructions on where and how to pickup on Saturday.


Pickup and Shipping 

Pickup location is east Pearland (by Pearland High School).  This is our house, and for obvious reasons, we won't post the address on our site! But once you order your cookies, during checkout you will have the option for pickup at this location. 

Once all orders are in we will send an email with address, instructions, and giving you information on pickup times and how to let us know you've arrived to pick up your cookies.  

Pickups happen Saturday mornings. Times sometimes will vary from week to week, but not by much (times will be in the emails)! If you're unable to pickup your orders on Saturday mornings, we can't guarantee a different time or pickup slot because of personal scheduling from our end. 

Please don't choose the pickup option if you can't pick up in those times. 


If you're not able to pickup your cookies, there's a shipping option available.  The only shipping option we offer is UPS Ground because of cost and reliability.  If you do choose to have your cookies shipped to you, they will be baked on Wednesdays and shipped to you on Thursday of the same week. 

Please know, once UPS has your package in hand, the condition of how they handle and deliver it is out of our hands. If you're ordering during the summer or hotter months of the year, there is also a chance, because of the heat, there could be issues with melting, crumbling, or other issues related to heat and shipping times. So please take that into consideration when putting an order for shipping. 

***Due to recent events around the state and country, UPS could take a little longer than normal to deliver your package.  Please understand that once UPS has your package, we have zero control over when its delivered to you***

If these options don't suit your needs, please do not order from us. Because we do not want unhappy customers! 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about our process, please email us at